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Island Pass, CA


After a long day of lugging my heavy backpack under the intense sun, I arrived at my destination for the night — Thousand Island Lake. And I was excited to unload almost 20 lb of camera gear off of the pack. It was a night before the new moon night, and as typically is, it was dark with no visible sign of the crescent moon. I didn’t notice much of light pollution either. Jupiter rose east of Mt. Ritter first, which meant the Milky Way would be visible above the mountain ridge line as soon as it was dark enough. Although it was quite windy when I set up my cameras, with no clouds whatsoever in the sky, within a couple of hours it calmed down, and I was able to get the reflections of both the mountain and the galaxy in the tranquil water. And the night was very young.

Thousand Island Lake, CA

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